Consumers today navigate through multiple channels simultaneously to connect, find information, help, complain; and despite our efforts to forward them to the most efficient channel, they will move as it suits them to decide when, how and where interact with brands.

Consola Radar

RADAR MULTI-CHANNEL MANAGER is a multi-channel customer service platform optimized for social networking, provides tools to improve customer satisfaction and to integrate the communication into of the company service processes.

  • Provide to the AGENT with tools to improve response times.
  • Alllows the SUPERVISOR the measurement of service indicators, and assessing the productivity of the service team.
  • Allows the ADMINISTRATOR to create users, manage permissions, set up accounts and parameters of the platform.

RADAR integrates social media profiles, digital media and conversations from monitoring tools for effective management of online communication. At the same time allows to classify and escaling of conversations toward different CRM systems, loyalty systems, etc; to provide the customer a solution and service consisting by any channel.

canales radar

For more information please visit: radar.mcm.com